Top 10 Best BGMI Players and streamers on Youtube in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been in the market for quite a long time now. Here are the Best BGMI Streamers on Youtube in India.

While a great deal of Youtubers and gamers created a solid career and garnered fame with PUBG, were they ready to retain their value with this new India-dedicated version? to search out the solution, here we tend to list you the ten Best BGMI streamers on Youtube synchronal on the idea of gameplay achievements, records, titles, channel subscriptions, fan base, public selection and fashion.

Battlegrounds Mobile Asian country (BGMI) has been within the marketplace for quite while currently. The Battle Royale game that may be a replacement for PUBG Mobile {india|India|Republic of Asian country|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} by Krafton came into existence when the ban of PUBG in India because of security problems. of course, BGMI took no time to reclaim the e-sport and recreation throne that was once owned by PUBG. terribly obviously, PUBG was no but a revolution within the Indian recreation scene that boosted recreation as a career.

Now, let’s move onto the list of 10 Best BGMI Streamers on Youtube in India:-


God or what!

Jonathan Jude Amaral, famously known as “Jonathan Gaming” is a professional gamer and streamer who is often considered as the best BGMI player by people with his current form. His long-range sprays and close combat skills are impeccable. Jonathan had a keen gaming sense and people love to watch his movement throughout his streams.

He led the foundation of his career as a gamer from an early age getting fame back in the PUBG days. He is so good that fans tend to learn and copy his gameplay style. Jonathan has a YouTube family of 3.88 million subscribers with near to a million average engagements on his videos. His streams are highly intense as he prefers to focus more on the gameplay.


Sawad aagye bhaiii!

Scout a.k.a Tanmay Singh is one of the most celebrated esports players and streamers in the country. If you are a gaming freak, you can’t stop admiring Scout because he lives the gameplay. Attaining fame from PUBG, he mastered various games streaming them over YouTube day and night. He continues to have the best grip on BGMI with his blessed gaming sense and no doubt he falls among the top 10 gaming giants of the game. He has been a key part of many successful esports teams such as TeamIND, GodLike, Soul, XSpark and finally Fnatic.

Famous for his 4 finger claw setup, he is one of the technically sound gamers to look upon if you want to learn the dynamics of BGMI gameplay. Scout is very sensitive while streaming and playing games as he keeps on showing emotions as per the gameplay. Being submerged deep into the game, his streams are a rollercoaster of humor and anger that is very obvious while gaming. With around 4.23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, his channel attracts heavy engagement and views.


Boom Baam!

Naman Mathur, famously known as ‘MortaL’ or ‘Soul Mortal’ is a household name in the Indian gaming scenario. The worth and valor of his gaming sense and execution is par excellence. Being for a long time in esports and competitive gaming, Mortal was one of the first and best gamers to master PUBG when it was launched in India winning the 2019 PMCO India (PUBG Mobile Cup Open) with his team Soul, as his enormous skill and talent are still evident with BGMI.

He has participated in many national and continental esports tournaments. Mortal currently has 6.83 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he continuously streams games including BGMI and others. His streams always attract good engagement with very often 100k+ live views. With his enormous and unique gameplay, Mortal keeps adding humor and jokes for the audience during the stream. He has been the face of the Indian Gaming Industry for quite a time now



Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh is one of the masters of BGMI in India who played professional esports for TeamXSpark. He has been a successful player in various esports tournaments making it to the hall of fame of the Indian gaming community. He is considered to be one of the best assaulters in the game with an impeccable and intense gaming sense.

Mavi streams regularly on his YouTube channel which has 1.2 Million subscribers right now with a decent audience engagement. Currently, he plays for the team Orange Rock with whom he secured 2nd position in PUBG Mobile World League in 2021.


A yeah!

Parv Singh, famous for his fancy gaming name Regaltos, is another gem of a BGMI player and streamer. He started his professional journey with Team Soul alongside Mortal in PUBG, representing in eSports competitions. He is considered to be one of the best assaulters with his flash movements and inevitable spray. He is so fast with his in-game movement that he barely gives a chance to blink to his opponents.

He is a very cool personality with a refreshing way of communicating with his audience. He is currently having 2.19 million people connected to his YouTube channel ‘SOUL Regaltos’  where he streams his gameplay. His streams are full of light-hearted jokes and humor. Regaltos also shares his lifestyle often as vlogs on his YouTube channel.


Patt se headshot!

Barely a chance you know about BGMI or say PUBG and you never heard about ‘Dynamo’. Aditya Deepak Sawant famous for Dynamo Gaming is the most celebrated BGMI steamer in India for a long time now. He has a huge fan base and numbers to his worth currently having 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Dynamo is more of a dedicated gaming streamer rather than an esports player but his skills are nothing less.

Highly celebrated for his one-shot sniping and the ever famous tagline “patt se headshot!”, no one takes a long-range headshot in a single attempt better than him. His streams are cool, calm and a surge of gaming experience. He also owns the very successful Hydra clan. Definitely, he is one of the decisive figures in the Indian gaming community.


Gajab be!

Yash Soni famously known as Soul Viper is one of the veterans of battle royale games in India be it from PUBG then to BGMI now. He was the key part of the ‘Soul’ team which made it to win the PMIS & PMCO championships in 2019. He started his professional journey alongside Mortal and Regaltos and went on to master various games after attaining fame with his PUBG days success.

Viper regularly streams his BGMI gameplay on his YouTube channel that currently has 1.26 million subscribers. His gaming style is highly admired by gaming fans. Viper is one of the remarkable eSports players in India.


8bit Mamba a.k.a Salman Ahmad is a professional esports player turned streamer. Being one of the most influential gamers in the scene, he started his gaming journey mastering PUBG mobile gameplay and representing his clan in various eSports competitions. Continuing his art of blending great in-game tactics with fun and humor, he is currently one of the most successful BGMI players and streamers. Mamba has a very unique approach towards the gameplay where he often takes his audience on a laughing ride while being in intense combat with his punching jokes and effortless sense of humor.

Mamba makes it to the best BGMI streamers in India with his living personality as he is highly celebrated among the gaming community and fans. He started his professional journey with Team Hydra and is now associated with 8bit. Mamba is dedicated to his 1.18 million YouTube family on his channel ‘8bit Mamba’, where he streams games regularly. His vlogs namely ‘Mamba Connects’ are a plus for the audience as it’s always great to admire someone’s lifestyle as Mamba who believes in living larger.


8-bit Thug a.k.a Animesh Agrawal is one of the most influential personalities in the Indian gaming community. He has been a great PUBG player in the past and continues to do so with BGMI. He was one of the first people to push a professional approach towards the Indian gaming industry which led to the foundation of the 8-Bit organization which also co-owns the S8UL organization.

His professional career saw a surge when he represented his team 8-bit into the PMSC Dubai finals, which was the first PUBG Mobile international tournament. We name 8-bit Thug due to his influence and role in the development of the Indian gaming community into a successful career option for many gamers. Thug streams his gameplay on his YouTube channel which is a family of 981k subscribers and often shares his gaming and lifestyle-related vlogs.


Chetan Chandgule known better by his gaming name Kronten is a great esports player and BGMI streamer hailing from Maharashtra. He started his gaming career playing on the emulator but later on shifted to mobile gameplay leveling up his skills equally on the small screen.

Kronten is the founder and key player of the GodLike team which has been a successful part of many esports competitions. With around 2.15 million people connected to his YouTube channel, he has a decent fanbase and engagement on his streams.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been welcomed by Indian gamers with a whole heart after a sudden ban on PUBG. The game is dedicated to Indian users with all the security promises to the government. These are our entries for the top 10 BGMI streamers on YouTube based on their influence, lifestyle, gameplay, audience engagement, public choice and subscribers all along. We hope you find your favorite one listed over here. 




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